Favorite Movie: Maleficent

Favorite Movie: Maleficent Game Detail:

Hello ladies! I want to present a new game with your favorite character: Maleficent! She has a dark and light side and she loves to dress up in chic clothes and have a very cool hairstyle. She wants to change something about her style and she is not sure what is chic and trendy at the moment. Can you pick for her a cute modern outfit to wear to a party? I am sure Maleficent will be very excited to have your help. There are many things you need to choose, such as hairstyle, shoes, jewelry and other accessories. In this great game called Favorite Movie Maleficent I suggest you pick a nice long dress in a warm gold color. It will look great on her fit body. Match it with a pair of shoes and chic hairstyle. Another thing you can choose in Favorite Movie Maleficent is the jewelry. Enjoy playing this fun game called Favorite Movie Maleficent!

How to play Favorite Movie: Maleficent:

In Favorite Movie: Maleficent game.

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